Performanscape - Butoh at the You Yangs

A few images from a larger body of work “Performanscape” created for the Core program of the 2013 Ballarat International Foto Biennale in collaboration with Vikk Shayen a Melbourne based Photographer. All performers were shot on location, nothing was added in post-production.

Photography: Vikk Shayen

Performers: Sebastian Peters-Lazaro / Yumi Umiumare / Harrison Hall / Willow Conway / Helen Smith / David Kemp / Daniel Mounsey / Felix Ho / Fina Po / Takashi Takiguchi

Production: Jesse Rasmussen / Ellen Strasser

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The Core Program is a curated exhibition of Australian and International artists representing some of the best and most innovative contemporary photographic practice. With a focus on new work and a diverse curatorial approach the Core Program is a prestigious exhibition program staged across eight unique heritage buildings in Ballarat, Victoria.

PERFORMANSCAPE is a collaborative photographic project with various Australian performance artists and theatre makers. The work exposes the stunning landscapes found throughout Australia that remain hidden from those living in urban areas. It also draws attention to the diversity, craftsmanship and physical virtuosity of various Australian artists and designers.

This project was originally inspired by a pervasive cultural disconnection between city dwellers and the natural environment as well as the emergence of an increasing number of site–specific performances within the world of theatre. In these works I reintroduce the corporeal reality of a performers body into the genre of landscape photography, asking how we see a contemporary human body in relationship to the land. This series explores a personal attraction to moments, objects and relationships that make strange the mundane, that challenges our perceptions of reality and that highlight the unfamiliar in a world that feels increasingly known, categorised and accounted for. I hope the images will bring you to a space in reality where the beauty of the improbable can exist.