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Introductory Workshops

Butoh, originally called Ankoku Butoh(Dance of Darkness) conceived in Japan during the late 50’s and early 60’s, during the social turmoil after the war sought to find an expression through dance. Rather than aspiring to an aesthetic ideal, the dance attempts to expose the joys and sorrows of life, exploring the most fundamental elements of physical and psychological existence. It goes beyond the confines of specific cultures and aims for universal expression that touches the soul of humanity. It also crosses the boundaries between dance and theatre, creating a unique form of expression that engages, moves and intrigues.

The workshop is open to all levels of experience.
Through the workshop, Yumi introduces the basic philosophy
and physical exercises in Butoh and other dance disciplines.

Participants will explore:
在り方    Being-individual body presence
重力    Gravitating
感覚    Perceiving
空間    Spatial elements, both internal and external
ため    Accumulations, Isolation and sensation
間(ま)    'Ma' sense of emptiness, Active blankness, Active pause
記憶    Memoryand Poetry
型/面    Form and Mask
摸写/反復    Copy and Repetition
想像/創造    Imagination to Creation



‘"In Butoh, dance is connected to the forces that come from the centre of the earth and simply pass through the body.
The dancer is not doing movement; the movement is coming through them.’" – Akaji Maro (DaiRakudakan)


                                                                                                   Photo credit: Sipat Lawin and Daloy Dance Company


Intensive Workshops

This workshop will be weekend intensive or monthly intensive, in which Yumi introduces the discipline of Butoh dance – its philosophy and physical etudes – within the framework of contemporary Japanese/Western physical theatre-making. Yumi’s hybrid existence that spans both Japanese and Australian culture has inspired her in the creation and development of a unique genre: Butoh Cabaret in which she explores cultural identity, narrative and abstraction.

In addition to the introduction (as above), participants will explore the elements of body presence through different themes including:

>KANKI- 喚起 (provocation),歓喜(joy), 換気(ventilation)
>Embrace the unknown


Photo credit: Weave Movement Theatre, Y-space(Hong Kong), Luminous Lunas(Melbourne), Butoh and Drum workshop in Hayama (Japan)


Residential Workshops

This popular residential workshop in the Wimmera, west Victoria, is to expand our body awareness,deepen our consciousness and unleash our internal expressions through a response to landscape. This 130 acre site nearby to Mt Arapiles allows participants to move between bush land,sand dunes, open fields, river and elevated rock, opening up the senses to color, texture, sound and form.

Over the camping, Yumi will introduce various exercises for “tuning” into our own links between the external environment and the internal landscape, focusing also breathing,exploring our deep expression and consciousness of well-being. The stillness of the landscape will let us explore the deeper and authentic part of our "being" and cleanse our busy thoughts.

The workshop will be conducted annually in summer and autumn periods.

Photo by Vikk Shayen
Credit: Participants from Butoh and Body Weather residential workshop by Yumi Umiumare and Frank van de Ven


Past Workshops