The Butoh Cabaret Extravaganza, DasSHOKU SHAKE! is now taking off to the land of the Rising Sun where they’ll be re-united with the explosive Japanese company Theatre Gumbo!  The tour will be taking place in December2014 with performances in Tokyo, Osaka and also conducting workshops at Minami Sanriku in Miyagi Prefecture, an area greatly affected by the earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. DasSHOKU_SHAKE!_photo_by_Vikk_Shayen

DasSHOKU SHAKE! Tour to Japan in December 2014

19(Fri) Dec 2014 at Saravah Tokyo 8pm start (7pm open) Booking:  Saravah Tokyo 03-6427-8886 ※Mon Tue Thur Friday (no public holiday) 14:00~18:00

23(Tue) Dec 2014 at Nishi Tenman LiveHouse GANZ toi toi toi 3pm start (2.30pm open) Public holiday Booking and Enquiry in Englsih

24(Wed) Dec 2014 X'mas Eve Special

at Livehouse Osaka KANDYLION, 3-5-14 Nakazaki Kita-ku Osaka 7.30start(7pm open) Booking and Enquiry in Englsih


Winner of the Green Room Award for Innovation and Melbourne Fringe Festival Award, DasSHOKU SHAKE! is the fourth work in the infamous DasSHOKU repertoire, the unique culture-crushing dementia that has been recognised by audiences in sell-out seasons around the world since 1999. Inspired by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan in 2011, DasSHOKU SHAKE!, Butoh Cabaret Extravaganza bursts out of the earth to assault the senses.

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