Melbourne based internationally acclaimed dancers/ choreographers Tony Yap and Yumi Umiumare, are launching their company “-“. and premiere a season of their new work, in-compatibility at this year’s Melbourne Festival 2003.

In-compatibility is a powerful new dance performance which creates a unique devotional space that is a synthesis of Asian shamanistic trance-dance, Butoh and contemporary western traditions. This pushes the boundaries of Yap and Umiumare’s ongoing investigation into the separate but interdependent natures of yin and yang – of moments compatibility and incompatibility.

This arresting new work features an original live musical score composed and performed by this years Green Room awards winners Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, with a visual realization by acclaimed stage designer Michael Pearce.

Yap and Umiumare bring in three other performers to upset and stretch the boundaries of their well established duo working relationship in ongoing How could you even begin to understand series.

Yap and Umiumare are leading lights in the Butoh dance community, frequently invited to participate in international festivals and conferences. Last year they featured at the Beyond Butoh Program at the JADE Festival in Tokyo, where their performance was greeted with great enthusiasm from critics and audience.

The premiere of this piece will further challenge the dance community’s perception of what is beyond Butoh.

Choreography Yumi Umiumare & Tony Yap
Performers Yumi Umiumare, Tony Yap, Tom Davies, Nic Hempel, Meredith Elton
Composition / Music Tim Humphrey composer/musician & Madeleine Flynn
Set & costume design   Michael Pearce


2003 October – Presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria in association with Melbourne International Arts Festival


“In a stunningly compelling performance, they shift from one meditative state to another, the dynamics changing from quiet composure to frenzied ecstasy”.

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