RecyclabiliTEA@ Lospalos, Timor-Leste


Yumi visited Timor-Leste as artist-in-residence with Lospalos-based NGO Many Hands International. Yumi seeks to observe and learn about Timorese culture, especially ideas around ritual and magic. In Lospalos, Yumi collaborated with local artists and the community in creating a site-specific pop-up Tearoom space. She has worked with established artist Cesario Lourdes, his students in Many Hands youth arts program and dancers from local performing groups at the Centro Cultura Lautem (Cultural center in Lautem). They have created the unique tearoom installation space from the street rubbish with plastic packets, waste bottles, cans and thrown cigarettes packets.

Members of the community were invited to participate these creative interactions.

Public showing for PopUp Tearoom- RecyclabiliTEA 15(Fri) July from 2pm-5pm at Centro Cultura Lautem, Lospalos 18(Mon) July 3-5pm in the main street in front of the mural done my Many Hands youth arts program

Photo by members from Many Hands International, including Corry and Cesario Lourdes Thanks for the local participation including Sr Jose Monteiro ,District administration