PopUp tearoom series at Artshouse, Cultural Lab

Over the 2weeks of studio residency as a part of Cultural LAB program at ArtsHouse, Yumi explores multidimensional performance spaces, created actual, virtual and surreal ‘tearooms’  through collaboration with dancer, visual artist, media artist, tea ceremony and Ikebana specialists, to deepen her interdisciplinary practice and approach. Yumi Umiumare in collaboration with Adam Wojcinski (performer/tea artist) Anne Norman(musician) Bambang N Karim (media artist) Dan West (sound artist) Gregory Lorenzutti (performer/ photographer) Riza Manalo (visual artist) Shoso Simbo (Ikebana/flower arrangement artist)

This project was supported by Australian Council for the Arts, Dance Board (Fellowship) and CulturalLAB,ArtsHouse.

Photo by Ben Thomas, Yumi Umiumare

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