PopUpTearoom @ Multicultural Art Victoria CreativeTEA The second experimental process of PopUpTearoom series, continuing to collaborate with a visual artist Riza Manalo. Small number of audience mainly from arts industries were invited to experience the tearoom in an atypical office setting of Multicultural Arts Victoria, to share simple dialogue about ‘creativity’.

Some quotes from the participants

“..a transitional experience- crossing boundaries- shifting from modern world of stress, panic…The simple structure but a haven of tranquility in the ‘battlefield’ of the office .”  

“My chest is light and my breath affected I’ve just been in a magic world-like when I was small and reality was transformed in a game, in church, in pictures, in art, and it was magical and profound and I wanted to live there. I have been inside an ancient world, where every tiny detail matters, and there is a relationship with beauty in the smallest things. This is deeply moving. When she tapped the bowl twice, tears came. I can’t say why-because when things really matter, when there is gentleness and respect and beauty in little things, something opens up- perhaps meaning. A place to stop and reflect- away from the intense”tea” of everyday life.” 

“…It became very clear that there was no difference between the surreal-ness surrealiTEA of the created world outside in the office and the created world in the chashitsu(tearoom). The meditation is: which one tastes like the rapture of being alive.” 


Photo by NObu