Workshop - Butoh Intensive March 2014


Wednesdays 5th – 26th March, 10am – 1.00pm, The course is open to all levels of experience.

Through the 4 week course, Yumi introduces the basic philosophy and physical exercises in Butoh and other dance discipline. Participants will explore:

在り方 Being -individual body presence 重力 Gravitating 感覚 Perceiving 空間 Spatial elements, both internal and external ため Accumulations, Isolation and sensation 間(ま)’Ma’ sense of emptiness, Active blankness, Active pause 記憶 Memory and Poetry 型/面 Form and Mask 摸写/ 反復 Copy and Repetition 想像/ 創造 Imagination to Creation

Through the practice, the participants will also create a short piece, exploring; Characterisation Provocation Transformation Tune in/Tune out Embrace the unknown

At the end of the workshops, we will have a informal gathering to show and tell about the work we create.



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