Butoh weekend workshop- Unleash the Unknown

When: 13 (Sat)14(Sun) July 2019@10am-5pm
Where: TRELOARLAND studio: 87a Albert street Brunswick 

Over the weekend, Yumi will guide participants to explore their familiar and unfamiliar elements of physical and spatial expressions through the unique philosophy of Butoh and beyond. Participants are encourage to dive into their ‘unknown’ territories for embracing the joyful moments of ‘unleashing’

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Joining Back to Back Theatre's Tokyo Tour Oct 2018

Yumi is joining Back to Back Theatre’s Tokyo tour, performing in their masterpiece, small metal objects, a theatre show in the public domain; part voyeuristic meditation, part urban thriller.

An ingenious theatrical gem, small metal objects unfolds amidst the high volume pedestrian traffic of Ikebukuro Nishiguchi-park. With individual sets of headphones, the audience is wired into an intensely personal drama being played out somewhere in the crowd.

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Open Butoh Class on Tuesday Morning

Every Tuesday 10:30am-12:30pm
From 10 July till 21 Aug
@ Aka Studio East Brunswick
Through the workshop, Yumi introduces the basic philosophy and physical exercises in Butoh and other dance disciplines to open up Body, Space, Energy and Imagination!
The workshop is open to all levels of experience.

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ポッ プ・アップお茶室シリーズはアーティストや様々な分野の人たちの出会いの場で、「茶事」を通してお互いのアイディアを交換できるクリエイティブな場です。 その空間は、実際のお茶室であったり、仮想のものであったり、また、シュールな映像であったりします。お茶を通してRITUAL(儀式)やパーフォーマンスの可 能性を探り、また「未知の」ことを受け入れて遊びます

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Sunrise at Midnight

"Sunrise at Midnight" (2002) is both a documentary portrait of Yumi Umiumare, a contemporary Japanese / Australian Butoh dancer, and a Japanese Ghost story set in the Australian Desert. Filmmaker Sean O'Brien and Butoh Dancer Yumi Umiumare make an expedition into the desert to experience and exorcise Noriko's lost soul.

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白い昼の夢〜White Day Dream

この作品はうみうまれの「White Day Dream 」シリーズ の一環で、過去2年メルボルン、マレーシアで創作され、今回はその日本版。10年前、脳出血で倒れたうみうまれの兄の姿からインスピレーションを得て創り始めた作品群で、2016年10月にはメルボルンでハンディキャップを追う人たちの演劇カンパニーと共に作品が発表された。

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Butoh OUT 2018

ButohOUT! is a newly initiated festival activating local communities in Victoria by fostering artistic and cultural exchanges through the powerful performing arts medium Butoh. Butoh is widely known as a Japanese theatre and dance art form but in this festival, artists will integrate it in the context of uniquely Australian culture, history and landscapes.

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