Queen Provocateur Moira FINUCANE and the world’s most addictive divas unleash their latest, hot-off-the-press exotic and inimitable Franken-routines and plunge into Paradise.

Dark angels, hair and feathers flying, ecstatic swans, naked circus, disco heaven, transcendent Tokyo, flesh and bone, hearts and music pounding … Paradise. Fresh off the plane from her triumphs in London, Brighton & Paris – Finucane returns with a grab bag of wild new work and a few global favourites.

London’s infamous red hanky stripper URSULA MARTINEZ; circus wild child JESS LOVE; Tokyo Terawatt YUMI UMIUMARE; Parisian dance siren HOLLY DURANT; backroom ballerina LILY PASKAS; bombshell songbird & Circus Oz ringmistress SARAH WARD as she’s never been seen before; and Moira FINUCANE herself, inspired by the museums of Paris, in predatory PARADISE

“reminds us of the inadequacy of simple applause” The Latest UK