A solo dance work influenced from the personal experience from Hanshin Earthquake in 1996.The work was devised as prayer for the event.

Directed and Performed by Yumi Umiumare
Stage & Set design  Anthony Pelchen


2003 February races Post Butoh Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

2000 August Dancehouse, Melbourne, Australia

2000 5th year memorial of Hanshin Earthquake, Town Hall, Vega Hall, and Women’s Centre in Takarazuka City


“Yumi Umiumare was not animal on the stage, on the contrary, she seemed like a deformed human being. As with Kitt Johnson, they both posses the ability to make their extreme bodies disappear and transform into Butoh power. Or to make the earth disappear. ..”
Anne Middlelboe Christensen – Information, Copenhagen


Photo by Brad Hick