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ポッ プ・アップお茶室シリーズはアーティストや様々な分野の人たちの出会いの場で、「茶事」を通してお互いのアイディアを交換できるクリエイティブな場です。 その空間は、実際のお茶室であったり、仮想のものであったり、また、シュールな映像であったりします。お茶を通してRITUAL(儀式)やパーフォーマンスの可 能性を探り、また「未知の」ことを受け入れて遊びます

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Sunrise at Midnight

"Sunrise at Midnight" (2002) is both a documentary portrait of Yumi Umiumare, a contemporary Japanese / Australian Butoh dancer, and a Japanese Ghost story set in the Australian Desert. Filmmaker Sean O'Brien and Butoh Dancer Yumi Umiumare make an expedition into the desert to experience and exorcise Noriko's lost soul.

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EnTrance is a critically acclaimed full-length solo work with multimedia and installations within the metaphor of ‘the near shore’ of life and ‘the far shore’ of death. Award-winning dancer Yumi Umiumare performs the mystical conundrum of ‘the space between’ amid the hubbub of our city-life. ‘EnTrance opens heart, body and soul to the transformations that direct the human spirit.’ Canberra Times 2011

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Sakasama: the reverse world. The two worlds of Life and Death are described as two shores; one is ‘the near shore’ (the world of the living), and the other is ‘the far shore’ (the world of after-death). A river flows between them. ‘The far shore’ is a reversed world: it is the reverse of the world of the living and everything is upside down.

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ZeroZero was the second in a triptych and has premiered in Melbourne, in Feb 2013. Collaborated between Tony Yap, Yumi Umiumare and Matthew Gingold, ZeroZero explores the spaces between fullness and emptiness, visibility and invisibility. It was presented in Bogota, Columbia (2014) and Melbourne International festival (2014).

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ゼロゼロ ZeroZero

1996年からコラボレーションを続けているダンスパートナー、トニー・ヤップとのデュオ作品。「ZeroZero」は3年間のデベロップメント期間をか けて制作され、それぞれの故郷の地マレーシアと日本という自分たちのルーツを探る過程の中で、マラッカ(マレーシア)のタオイズム(道教)のお寺や洞窟、 日本の高野山や恐山も訪れ創作された

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