Sakasama - reverse world

Improvisation Land 21.5

Yumi Umiumare + HK Dance - Daniel Yeung Music - Edmund Leung As part of th I-Dance(Hong Kong) 2009 festival in Hong Kong, Yumi is performed a solo work Sakasama: the reverse world. The two worlds of Life and Death are described as two shores; one is ethe near shoref (the world of the living), and the other is 'ethe far shore' (the world of after-death). A river flows between them. 'The far shore' is a reversed world: it is the reverse of the world of the living and everything is upside down. Umiumare explores the juxtaposition of her presence in Australia, experimenting with the neutrality of emotion and color, and to manipulate rhythms. 5th Dec 2009 : Programme 5 03.12 (Thu) Black Box Theatre, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Honk Kong I-Dance (Hong Kong) 2009

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