Tea Break

TEA BREAK is going to be a Yumi's new full-length work, combining dance, spoken words and multimedia. Blending Butoh, Tea and visual theatre, Yumi explores the space between rituals and daily routines of drinking tea. She shifts into the abstract and experiments with the forms and structures of tea ceremony, moving from the sedate to the dramatic, real to surreal, and playful to macabre, a journey into life and death, evoking the spirit of Butoh. 

TeaBreak, 30 min solo dance version, was shown in March 2017, as a part of Evocation of Butoh in Asia TOPA, and creative next development for visual elements will be in 2018.

To find out more about showing this work, get in touch with yumi. 

Feedback quotes from
the creative development

“Grounded and surreal, totally unpredictable, with some extraordinary physicality in the movements. I loved the humour and the tension and the danger and the energy and how the piece was so utterly unpredictable. A real pleasure and inspiration”

“Cup cracks, composure crumbles in a brush stroke of sickly green”

“Witnessing Yumi's ongoing tea ceremony developments was wonderful, challenging, dangerous and exciting. …Enjoyed the subversion of the formal ceremony and the domestic connotations; and how the transformations reconnected to the elemental, natural, spiritual and physical.“