E-motion in motion

This is a project in development, collaborated with media artist Bambang N Karim, to experiment and create visual poetries- rich tapestry and narratives through ‘e-motion tracking’ process, dividing into different chapters. The audience/viewer’s interactions will be also tested in the process to add another layer that provokes the their expressions and emotion.

The juxtapositions of body and landscape are portrayed through digital moving images .It was originally coming from a Japanese ancient belief of Life and Death. In the world of ‘after-death’, the whole world exists in reverse from the world of the living. It was also to use the metaphor of my daily experiences of living in Australia as the ‘reverse-world’ from Japan, searching own cultural identities. A body interacts with a digital image of body/multiple bodies-digital images appear to enter and exit from the real-time body. The effect creates an eerie world as if spirits are jumping in and out of real-time performing body. Digital images of multiple faces also explored and it provokes my question about our identities-who are we? Where are we coming from?


2012 Melbourne University Student workshop
George Patton Gallery for a showing

2009 A studio Residency, Metro ScreenSydney