DasSHOKU SHAKE! Butoh Cabaret

A Japanese Australian Butoh Cabaret Extravaganza

DasSHOKU SHAKE! is the fourth work in the award-winning DasSHOKU Butoh Cabaret series which has been recognised by audiences in sell-out seasons around the world since 1999. The show gained rave responses from audiences and critically acclaimed reviews, receiving Green Room Awards for INNOVATION in cabaret category, and the Fringe Award – Innovation in Culturally Diverse Practice.


“…this is a visually and conceptually rich work that is much more rewarding than the Cremaster Cycle..  Umiumare gives our city an extraordinary, hilarious and actually beautiful gift. Expect outsize babies in Hello Kitty nappies, singing faeces and dancing fast food. Expect also to be a little confused as to why this work is not a central feature of the Melbourne Festival.”   The Age  

“transgressive imagery, abstract movement, stunning costumes, loud music and uncomfortable imagery that trigger both dread and laughter.”   Herald Sun

.”..potent with the urgency for us all to create space for quiet reflection within our chaotic existence.” The Peril Magazine


Yumi Umiumare, Matt Crosby, Helen Smith, Willow J, Harrison Hall
Kayo Tamura,Kenichi Mabuchi,Ryo Nishihara, Nono Miyasaka
Hiromitsu Oishi, Chizuru Misaki (intere-P),Tomomi Nakayama(joli ma coeur),AYA (Osaka Shinsengumi)


Co-Director Yumi Umiumare & Kayo Tamura
Dramaturgy Matt Crosby
Set Design Ellen Strasser
Sound Design Dan West
Costume Design Kiki Ando and Theatre GUMBO
Lighting Design Tom Willis
Photo & Design Vikk Shayen
Photo Masami Kikuchi (Japan)
(original write up)
Be ready to get lost in this funky cross cultural emo shake up! DasSHOKU SHAKE! is the fourth work in the award winning DasSHOKU repertoire – the unique culture-crushing dementia, which has been recognized by audiences in sell-out seasons nationally and internationally since 1999. Dasshoku means ‘to bleach’.
Butoh Punkess Yumi Umiumare ignites her next infamous DasSHOKU Cabaret, bursting from the shaking earth. Osaka’s legendary Theatre Gumbo, international guest artists from Japan plus four of Melbourne’s shock-toy acolytes bring things of darkness out into footlights. Jap-pop and white mysticism assault Buddhist Heart sutra! Comic! Bizarre!
Does devastation transform us, cleanse us or bleach us?


2015Mildura wentworth arts festival

2014Japan Tour- Tokyo and Osaka, and workshop in Minani Sanriku

2013Darwin Festival

2012Melbourne Premire season at fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne Fringe Festival, winning Fringe Award and Green Room Award

3 Minute Video Highlights

DasSHOKU SHAKE! Short Clip from Fundraising Event 2014

DasSHOKU SHAKE! Aftershocks