DasSHOKU Hora!!

DasSHOKU suru is a Japanese term meaning to bleach, to strip off colour. Hora! in Japanese means Look Out! In DasSHOKU Hora!!, the third in the DasSHOKU series, Yumi and the DasSHOKU team strip back the candy-coloured surface of Japanese culture and tickle its hoary underbelly.

Yamamba, an ancient mountain hag who cannibalises those who stray too close, gives birth to twins the scientist and the businessman. Together they exploit a shallow world hooked on instant gratification and collective denial of the dark within.Yamamba mutates into Ganguro girl, the blonde, tanned Japanese icon of Shibuya subculture. At dawn she arises from her nocturnal trance dance to become Muijina, the kimono girl with no face. Then, pretty in pink as Hello Kitty! girl in the enjokosai ‘rescue relationship’ lounge she sells her panties to wrinkled lovers.

Creator / Performer Yumi Umiumare
Co-Creator/Performer Matt Crosby and Ben Roogan
Dramaturg Moira Finucane & Jackie Smith
Set Design Mary Moore
Sound Design Tatsuyoshi Kawabata
Lighting Design Dori Bicchierai


2006 May – June – Season at The Studio @ Sydney Opera House
2006 February – 2005 Green Room nomination
2005 November – World Premiere @ the Tower Theatre, Malthouse, Melbourne


“Wild extremes in fearless performance shock, fascinate”

“It is a bizarre mixture of butoh, grotesquerie and highly physical acting..”
Herald Sun

“.. Frenzied and stimulating, DasSHOKU Hora!! is at times both comic and confronting, but always compelling.”
Melbourne Stage on line

“Watching Umiumare dance butoh is like watching a stainless steel mannequin ram a knife into a toaster.”
Vibewire on line

Online Reviews/Previews

“Butoh’s difficult, non-naturalistic exploration of extremely physical emotionality is put into relief through the inventive and playful ironies of the cabaret tradition, and in the instance of DasSHOKU Hora!, the result is both frightening and energising.”
RealTime 71 February / March 06

“Umiumare is a thrilling and compelling performer”

“Cultural anthropology with sound production you can feel in your belly and visuals that will never leave you.”

“Which way reality from here?”

“a sight for the wicked”
“Crazy crazy nights”
Atmosphere Harmonics for Lone Voice