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DasSHOKU TeaParTEA! In Development

DasSHOKU TeaParTEA! will be Yumi’s first new full-length stage work since 2012. Smashing together Yumi’s recent practice in Japanese tea ceremony (PopUp Tearoom Series) with her signature, iconic Butoh Cabaret series, DasSHOKU Tea ParTEA! combines elements of Butoh, Cabaret, and spoken word, woven from Japanese tea ceremony into English tea party, from Brazilian samba into Okuni-Kabuki dance during the Edo period in early 1600.

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Tokyo DasSHOKU Girl

Tokyo DasSHOKU Girl touches on the shadowy life of Japan which many would never encounter. DasSHOKU (to bleach) strips off the colour of the superficial to reveal the reality behind the happy face of consumerism, bleaching away the commonly held views of Japanese women as kawai, or cute, polite and submissive.

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